Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Many people believe that the secret to reconnecting with their partner is a candlelit dinner or a by-the-sea vacation. The real secret is to turn toward each other in the little ways every day.
— Dr.John Gottman

The Gottman Method is a specific and evidence based approach to couple’s therapy.  What this means is that I first conduct an assessment of your (the couple’s) relationship and that in our work together, I will utilize research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory.  The Sound Relationship House Theory is based on the research and findings of Drs.John and Julie Gottman, which show that there are 9 components to a healthy relationship. The goal of therapy is to increase connection, closeness and intimacy, improve friendship, replace negative conflict patterns and the creation of shared meaning. For more information on the Gottman Method please visit The Gottman Research Institute at