Contracted Insurances

(In-Network Provider)

I’m currently an In-Network provider with First Choice, Premera, United Behavioral Health (also known as UBH), Kaiser, Regence, Cigna, Aetna and Optum.

Your Health Care Coverage

When calling your insurance to check your mental health benefits I recommend asking the following questions and keeping this information for your records:

-What are my mental health benefits?

-Do I need prior authorization before seeing a therapist of my choosing? If I need this, how do I get prior authorization to see the therapist of my choice?

-Is there a limit on how many sessions will be covered and/or a dollar amount that is covered?

-What is my deductible?

Using Your Insurance

Using your insurance means that I will have to supply your insurance with a mental health diagnosis, as well as treatment records upon request.  If you do not want this information disclosed to them, you would be unable to use your insurance benefits and would therefore be responsible for paying my private pay rate for therapy. 

I contract with Mindful Therapy Group for administrative and billing support, and they will do their best to check your insurance benefits and provide you an estimate of services. That being said, please remember that you as the client have the ultimate responsibility for checking your specific mental health insurance benefits, paying your co-pay and/or deductible at the time of service and are financially responsible for any costs which your insurance does not cover.  I strongly recommend that you call your insurance to verify your mental health benefits before we begin our work together.  If any issues arise relating to payments due or late cancellation fees, please take them up with me directly and not with Mindful Therapy Group’s administrative support staff.